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Financial contributions desperately needed for Yemen relief

In order to carry out the khushi and farman of Aliqadar Mufaddal Moula (TUS) to provide medical relief for the people of Yemen, many of you have volunteered your time to travel to Yemen on a relief mission. Many have stated they cannot travel at this time due to work or family related conflicts. However, there is another equally if not more important way that all of us can still contribute.

Hospitals and clinics are in critical, dire need for medications and supplies. Therefore Burhani Medical Idara has begun procurement of medications in India to send supplies to Yemen. This is an EXTREMELY costly task. Please consider making a financial contribution to aid in this effort.

SBMAA has committed to collect $100,000 for medication procurement. Dawat E Hadiyah America has graciously agreed to coordinate collection of funds. Please make check out to DAWAT-E-HADIYAH AMERICA. Write “Yemen Relief” in the comments and mail the check to:

Secretary, SBMAA
Dr. Shk Aamer Jamali
7015 Shade Tree Lane
West Hills CA 91307

Please also email webmaster@sbmedical.org with the check number and the amount of your commitment so we can ensure all checks are received and audit accordingly. These contributions are tax-deductible.

Alternatively, you may also hand your check in person to the following people:

Chicago –
– Dr Mufadal Moosabhoy
– Shk Aziz Poonawalla
– Shk Hatim Poonawalla

Houston –
– Dr Shk Najmuddin Karimjee
– Dr Shk Khozema Palanpurwala
– Shk Mohammedali Millwala

Los Angeles –
– Dr Shk Aamir Jamali
– Dr Shk Akil Merchant

Bakersfield –
– Dr Shabbir bhaisaheb Shakir

SBMAA Directors

If you have not yet joined SBMAA please visit https://sbmedical.org/register and fill out your profile as soon as possible

Humanitarian medical relief mission to Yemen

URGENT: Financial contributions are desperately needed for medical supplies and medicines in Yemen. Please read this post for more details.

Baad salaam al jameel,

Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS ni hukum che that the SBMAA initiate a medical humanitarian relief mission to Yemen, given the emergency situation there. This mission will be to serve the general public in Yemen, not just mumineen.

Details of the mission to Yemen are still being developed. If you are interested in participating actively, please leave a comment on this post, as well as any suggestions or ideas you may have. We encourage all SBMAA members to join the discussion so that we may best leverage our expertise and have a maximum impact, as per Moula’s TUS khushi.

UPDATE: Burhani Medical Idara has sent out the email below, and are coordinating the relief effort. BMI is working directly with the Yemeni government and Sigatul Yemen to coordinate accommodations, transportation, and security. They are asking for a minimum 20 day commitment:

Baad as salaam

as per al dai al ajal Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin aqa’s t.u.s. khushi mubarak mumineen doctors, para medics and medical personnel should offer medical services in YEMEN for all ibadullah … those who wish to offer their services for at least 20 days should email immediately on admin@burhanimedicalidara.org with following details:

Passport name
Passport no.
Date of issue
Date of expiry

Also note that the Indian government is providing medical supplies so there isn’t an immediate need for that at present, but if specific supplies/meds are needed then we will update accordingly. Please reply to the BMI email address listed above with all requested information if you can make the 20 day commitment.

We highly suggest you also include your medical specialty or description of what type of medical professional you are in that email to facilitate their planning.

UPDATE 2: We need firm commitments from physicians and paramedical specialists in particular by FRIDAY April 24th. Please respond TODAY and leave your name on this post OR email webmaster@sbmedical.org if you will participate so we can send a list of US medical professionals to BMI. (Also please send your info to BMI as requested below). Inshallah once the list is finalized we will send 3 successive groups, each for 2 week intervals, all returning prior to Ramadan.

We have organized for visa on arrival in Yemen for mumineen doctors. Visa will be available for all nationalities, with exception of Indian nationals (see below). Kindly send copies of your passport (photo page, expiration and date of issue pages) to admin@burhanimedicalidara.org along with all the information requested above and your medical specialty.

Indian nationals will have to obtain the visa from the Yemen consulate in Mumbai. Please send your passport with 2 photographs to Shaikh Adnan bhai Shakir at BMI, his mobile number is +91 98-19-767152.

1. leave comment on this post or email webmaster@sbmedical.org if you can make a 2 week commitment sometime before Ramadan starts. Deadline is Friday.
2. Email passport copies and all other requested info to admin@burhanimedicalidara.org
3. Indian nationals please contact Shaikh Adnnan bhai Shakir to facilitate visa via consulate in Mumbai.

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