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2024 MEDS Conference – Call for Presenters!

Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America will be hosting its 4th annual conference in Los Angeles, Nov 8-10 2024, to be attended by Mumineen healthcare professionals from across the US and Canada. We invite you to submit your ideas for presentations at the conference by clicking here.

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Shukran!

SBMAA Webinar Series

Beyond Depression: Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Patients

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After viewing the webinar, please fill out this short survey. Your responses will be used to help SBMAA apply for CME certification at future conferences. Shukran!

Additional webinars, as well as videos and conference sessions are available at our SBMAA YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/@sbmedical – please subscribe!