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2024 MEDS Conference – Call for Presenters!

Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America will be hosting its 4th annual conference in Los Angeles, Nov 8-10 2024, to be attended by Mumineen healthcare professionals from across the US and Canada. We invite you to submit your ideas for presentations at the conference by clicking here.

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Shukran!

Medical Professional Database for North America

To more effectively perform our khidmat, connections are needed between medical professionals, and between medical professionals and mumineen. Basic demographics on medical professionals in the US and Canada is also lacking – Moula TUS has directly asked for more information, but we have lacked the data to accurately answer.

To meet these needs, SBMAA is preparing a database of all medical professionals in the United States and Canada. This database will be used for multiple purposes: (1) to provide a comprehensive professional directory accessible only by SBMAA members, (2) a second opinion service accessible by the public, and (3) a source of aggregate data to provide demographic reports to araz in Hazrat Imamiyah

We request all medical professionals in the US and Canada (only) to please fill out the below form so that we may build this database. Your data will not be accessible to the public unless you opt-in to be part of the second opinion project.