Child Immunization and Clean Drinking Water Drive in India – Upliftment Initiative

Salaam to all doctors, nurses, therapists, and medical professionals. With the khushi and farman of Aliqadar Moula (TUS) and under the guidance of Shezada Taha bhaisaheb and Shezada Qusai Bhaisaheb, for medical upliftment of mumineen, Burhani Medical Idara began an immunization drive and healthy drinking water drive across India. Living in the USA, these are […]

Call to action: Ashara 1438 Ohbat for medical professionals

Salaam-eJameel, Dear physicians and other healthcare professionals, Ashara 1438H are approaching fast. As you all know it is Moula Mufaddal’s (TUS) khushi and farmaan-e-aali that every mumin, mumina and farzand attend the 9 days of waaz and participate in Imam Hussain’s (SA) gham. To that effect, We would encourage all healthcare professionals to plan in […]

Ziyafat Nizam

All Participants in the Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America Ziyafat must arrive by 9:30am at 1st floor Madrasah building. One ziyafat pass and one deedar pass per paid participant will be issued. Participants at Bronze level will be issued one extra ziyafat pass and one extra deedar pass. Any participants who have not fully […]

Ziyafat update

DATE: Saturday 24th October (12th Muharram), 10:30 am Checks are due TODAY, at medical clinic after zuhr asr namaz, payable to Dawat e Hadiyah, America, ITS number in Memo see previous post for minimum raqm. All ziyafat particpants MUST REGISTER AT Details will be posted soon regarding how passes will be distributed. If you […]

Medical Professionals Ziyafat

Baad salam al jameel The ehsaan of Aali Qadar Moula TUS upon doctors and medical professionals leaves us overcome with humility. Now is our opportunity to araz our khidmat in service of our beloved Moula’s TUS khushi. Collectively, physicians and medical professional members of the SBMAA have been granted azeem sharaf of ziyafat of Aqa Moula […]

Houston Medical Clinic – khidmat signup

UPDATE: Please note that original signup link for ER Clinic (#5) below was broken. Instead, email with your desired shift for that clinic. Please use links below for all other clinics (#1-4). Salam SBMAA members The medical khidmat at houston ashara is divided into subspecialty care and acute/subacute care (walk in patients). The below […]