The mission of the Saifee Burhani Medical Association is to leverage the experience, skill, and potential of medical professionals in the Dawoodi Bohra community, to achieve three aims:

1. Engage in khidmat of mumineen, by desiging and implementing jamaat-level initiatives for long-term health and preventive care, by leveraging our expertise, local clinical experiences, and economies of scale;

2. Encourage and support aspiring medical professionals by providing mentorship, guidance, education, and financial assistance, with particular focus on ensuring no mumineen resort to riba-based funding of their medical education;

3. Provide networking, collaboration, and professional resources to current medical professionals to assist them in their ongoing careers.

The agenda of the SBMAA’s inaugural Ijtemaa on 14th March 2015 was to formally launch this organization, with Moula’s tus raza and dua mubarak.

By embracing this mission, the members of the SBMAA hope to make a positive difference in the lives of mumineen and non-mumineen alike. As mumineen and as medical professionals, we are a uniquely capable and resourceful group that has vast potential to be a force for positive health in the lives of our families and neighbors. As always, our primary objective is the khushi and nazr of our beloved Aali Qadar Moula (tus), whose noorani inspiration is truly the essential force that drives us to employ our knowledge and skills for the greater good.

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