Child Immunization and Clean Drinking Water Drive in India – Upliftment Initiative

Salaam to all doctors, nurses, therapists, and medical professionals.

With the khushi and farman of Aliqadar Moula (TUS) and under the guidance of Shezada Taha bhaisaheb and Shezada Qusai Bhaisaheb, for medical upliftment of mumineen, Burhani Medical Idara began an immunization drive and healthy drinking water drive across India. Living in the USA, these are issues that we may take for granted for most of our lives. But in India, the reality is that children are still affected and die at high rates from vaccine preventable illness, like rotavirus, polio, pneumonia, and measles among other illness and causes.

Moulana’s (TUS) ehsaan and nazar reaches all of us, His children. He has graciously given raza to immunize mumineen children under 16 years old with the recommended vaccine schedule (shown below).

Currently across India, 17,647 mumin children have been registered for vaccination and are in need of some combination of vaccines to be administered. This registration is fluid and continues to rise. These vaccines will be provided FOR FREE!

Click here to view a sample BSHD Immunization Form.pdf (PDF)

Click here for the latest Vaccine Registration statistics

Tata Water Filtration System Araz to Ali Qadar Moula (TUS)

Shz Taha BS administers Rotovirus Vaccine to baby

A mumina girl being vaccinated

Vaccine Camp

In addition, doctors and medical staff performing these vaccine drives are working to ensure that all mumineen have healthy drinking water in their homes. Mumineen lacking clean water are supplied with a basic water filtration system.

As you can imagine, this is a MAJOR undertaking both physically and financially. Most of us in the USA are unable to travel to India and offer our khidmat with these medical camps. However, we are given the opportunity to participate and perform khidmat financially by providing funds to acquire all these vaccines.

Current vaccine budget is 3,725,000 INR = $56,439 USD. There are many other expenses including water filtration systems, supplies, etc that need to be funded as well.

OUR GOAL AT SBMAA IS FOR NORTH AMERICA (USA AND CANADA) TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR ALL VACCINES AT $56,000 USD. In order to meet this goal we are requesting a contribution unit of $1,100 USD, but you may contribute any amount. Let us meet that goal, Insha Allah, and araz to Ali Qadar Moula (TUS) our commitment to the upliftment and better health for mumineen around the world.

Vaccine administration has already begun. Please pose your commitment to your local SBMAA masool ASAP. If you have questions, please contact your local SBMAA masool or email Dr Mufadal Moosabhoy (

Checks should be made out to DAWAT-E-HADIYAH AMERICA (and are tax deductible). They can be given to your masool or mailed directly to Shk Aziz bhai Poonawalla (address: 23627 Candlewood Way, West Hills, CA 91307)

You can also contribute via Chase Quickpay, Google Wallet, and Paypal to Dr Mufadal Moosabhoy at
Funds donated electronically will NOT be tax deductible.

Please enter your commitment in this google spreadsheet so we can ensure it is received:

Was salaam,
SBMAA Board of Directors

Call to action: Ashara 1438 Ohbat for medical professionals


Dear physicians and other healthcare professionals, Ashara 1438H are approaching fast. As you all know it is Moula Mufaddal’s (TUS) khushi and farmaan-e-aali that every mumin, mumina and farzand attend the 9 days of waaz and participate in Imam Hussain’s (SA) gham.

To that effect, We would encourage all healthcare professionals to plan in advance so that your schedules can be cleared up for one of the most important events in the year.

We write to you as physicians, who come from diverse practice models; from academia to private practice. In our experience, advance planning and notification can overcome most hurdles in taking time off from your practice. Kindly let your department chair or your administrator know about your religious commitment in advance. Speak to your colleagues now regarding call coverage and cross coverage. Let your hospital coordinator know if you take ER call for your specialty. Some sacrifices need to be made to remember Imam Hussain’s (SA) ultimate sacrifice. You may have to take call on Thanksgiving or work an extra weekend to pay back the favors but they are all worth the effort to do what is Moula’s khushi.

Medical students, residents and fellows must also plan in advance and inform their program directors in advance. There is every likelihood that you would be granted the leave to practice your faith. Arrange for call coverage with your co-residents and fellows.

Friends in private practice or even solo practice may be able to get cross coverage from other groups if negotiated in advance. Please use vacation days and sick days if need be to get time off. Ultimately, if you have to close your practice for a few days to devote yourself to what is most important then so be it. Allah is the guarantor of rizq and we are sure you will find the practice more successful when you return than when you left it.

Please plan now and do not wait till the last minute.

Finally, If you need a letter stating the religious event and the need to have time off, kindly contact your local jamaat office. We are also available to provide any supporting document or discuss specific situations and offer suggestions.

The famous adage, “If there is a will there is a way” is most appropriate here. Please make every effort to attend all 9 waaz on time this ashara, and if possible spend the ashara with Aqa Moula (TUS)

Khuda Taala Aqa Moula (TUS) ne qayaamat na din lag baqi aney baqi rakhjo. Ameen

Was salaam

Healthcare Professionals Ashara Ohbat Committee North America

Ziyafat Nizam

All Participants in the Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America Ziyafat must arrive by 9:30am at 1st floor Madrasah building.

One ziyafat pass and one deedar pass per paid participant will be issued.

Participants at Bronze level will be issued one extra ziyafat pass and one extra deedar pass.

Any participants who have not fully paid their raqm must bring the remainder check payable to Dawat e Hadiyah America, with ITS number in the memo, or they will be denied entry.

Ziyafat update

DATE: Saturday 24th October (12th Muharram), 10:30 am

Checks are due TODAY, at medical clinic after zuhr asr namaz, payable to Dawat e Hadiyah, America, ITS number in Memo

see previous post for minimum raqm.

All ziyafat particpants MUST REGISTER AT

Details will be posted soon regarding how passes will be distributed.

If you are not yet receiving WhatsApp broadcast messages from Shk Aziz bhai Poonawalla regarding SBMAA, please whatsapp him at 832-654-5221 to be added.


Medical Professionals Ziyafat

Baad salam al jameel

The ehsaan of Aali Qadar Moula TUS upon doctors and medical professionals leaves us overcome with humility. Now is our opportunity to araz our khidmat in service of our beloved Moula’s TUS khushi. Collectively, physicians and medical professional members of the SBMAA have been granted azeem sharaf of ziyafat of Aqa Moula TUS, on 12th Muharram at 1030am (Saturday morning, October 24th).

To participate in the ziyafat, please contact Shk Aziz bhai Poonawalla or Dr Shk Khozema Palanpurwala at Mahal us Shifa during clinic hours.

To participate in the ziyafat, you must be a registered member of the Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America. Eligibility for membership in SBMAA includes any practicing medical professional – physicians, dentists, and other allied medical personnel – as well as residents and pre-medical/medical/graduate students.  If you have not yet registered as a member of SBMAA, visit the following link to fill out your profile:

Note that unlike most other departments, the Medical Clinic is entirely self-sufficient and does not use funds from the general niaz fund. Part of the money we raise for this ziyafat will be used to pay for the clinical expenses incurred during Ashara 1437 in service of Mumineen. Therefore, it is imperative that each and every single member of SBMAA rise to the occasion.

dentists: register for Sealant Camp khidmat

Dentists are requested to signup for khidmat for the “Sealant Camp”. On Moharram 4th, 5th and 6th, (Oct 16, 17 and 18), we will be placing sealants on children. Close to 100 pediatric patients have appointments to receive sealants during these three days.

If you are a dentist kindly signup for khidmat using the following links:

For khidmat during afternoon hours

For khidmat during evening hours

(You can register for khidmat during the afternoon, evening, or both).

Dental or hygiene students and staff wishing to volunteer and take part in this khidmat are requested to email to request to volunteer. Please indicate in the email the following:  Name, Phone Number and the time you with to volunteer (2:30 PM or 8: 30 PM or both) for Oct 16th, 17th and 18th You can pick one day and time or more as you like.


Khuda Ta’ala Aqa Moula (TUS) ni umr-e-shareef ne ta roze qayamat daraz karjo. Ameen.

Ashara Dental

Houston Medical Clinic – khidmat signup

UPDATE: Please note that original signup link for ER Clinic (#5) below was broken. Instead, email with your desired shift for that clinic. Please use links below for all other clinics (#1-4).

Salam SBMAA members

The medical khidmat at houston ashara is divided into subspecialty care and acute/subacute care (walk in patients). The below links are for doctors to sign up to see walk in patients in clinics on specific days and time. PLEASE SIGN UP TILL 10/7 AS ON 10/8 WE WILL SEND THESE TO ALL THE PHYSICIANS COMING TO HOUSTON ASHARA

Below are the links that will take you to that certain clinic time. Please select and sign up for the clinic which would suit your schedule. This is on first come first serve basis.

1. Pre-Ashara Clinic

For clinic on 28th Zilhaj (11th October), 29th Zilhaj (12th October), 1st Moharram (13th October), there are morning and afternoon slots, and every shift is 4 hours.

2. Ashara Morning Clinic

This is morning clinic from 8AM to 9AM held during 2nd to 10th Moharram

3. Post-Waaz Clinic

This clinic will be during ashara post vaaz and jaman from 2:30 to 5:30 PM – this will be the most busiest time as majority mumineen will walk in with there problems (no afternoon clinic on ashara day)

4. Evening Clinic

This will be after magrib namaz during ashara, starting from 7:30PM to 9:00 PM

5. Emergency Clinic Shifts email

These are 6 hour shifts (8AM to 2PM and vice versa) the 8AM to 2 PM person is required to stay close to medical camp during vaaz.

Please do sign up for more than one clinic and do as much khidmat as possible.

Medical Committee Houston Ashara

Request for medicine samples and other supplies for Ashara

Baad salaam al jameel,

We will maintain a pharmacy in the medical camp at Houston for Ashara 1437. All physicians are requested to bring any medicine samples they can spare. Please fill out the form below specifying the name of the medicine and the quantity that you plan to bring with you so that we may estimate our inventory and supply needs. Please reply by Monday so that we can prepare the medicine list for procurement.

Physicians are also requested to bring all diagnostic tools with you for khidmat in the medical camp. If you have additional supplies that you believe may be useful, please email with details and we will advise you if those supplies are needed.

Winners of the Ashara Scholarship Grant Program

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Ashara Scholarship Grant Program. These winners are eligible for reimbursement of up to $1000 in travel and accomodation related expenses to attend Ashara Mubaraka in Houston. We request that the winners named below contact the SBMAA via email at to confirm their award – please include your ITS numbers for validation.

Mufaddal bhai Shabbirhusain bhai Porbandarwala
Hussain Mulla Shabbir Malbari
Fatema bai Ali bhai Bhinderwala
Murtaza Salman Hameed
Husain Zoeb Mithaiwala
Husain Kapadia
Khadijah Shk Taha Hussain

Mubarak! Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) zindabad!