Mubarak to all medical professionals from North America!

In wa’az, Maula (TUS) did zikr about fawaaqeh (fruits). While doing zikr about apples, Maula (tus) noted the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and farmayu, “ehm kahye ke Doctor aawey and doctor beeja nay bhi laawey.” Moula khaas khitaab kidu ane dua farmaawi for the 250 medical professionals present.

Aali Qadar Moula (tus) gave the name, Saifee Burhani Medical Association of America (SBMAA), for the organization of medical professionals of the US and Canada. The SBMAA will operate as a subsidiary of Dawat – Hadiyah, America.

Medical professionals ijtema was held from 4.30pm until 6.30pm. Shahzada Qusai bhaisaheb (dm) and Shahzada Husain bhaisaheb (dm) khitaab farmayu to the assembled professionals. Shz Ammar bhaisaheb (dm) and Shz Taha bhaisaheb (dm) also graced the occasion along with several Qasr e Aali sahebo.

Three broad objectives of the SBMAA were presented to the assembled professionals: (1) khidmat of mumineen with a focus on preventive health mandates, (2) mentorship and support of aspiring medical professionals, and (3) collaboration and networking for current medical professionals. Shaikh Aziz bhai Poonawalla, Ph.D. introduced the speakers and then Dr. Shaikh Najmuddin bhai Karimjee, Dr. Mulla Mufaddal bhai Moosabhoy, and Dr. Shaikh Aamer bhai Jamali presented details of these aims.  Salman bhaisaheb Rashid and Ilyas bhaisaheb Najmuddin also spoke. This was followed by a Q&A and general discussion session, in which many important points were raised. Inshallah, video of the proceedings will be posted to the SBMAA website at sbmedical.org.

The following day, prior to wada majlis and zuhr namaz at Masjid al Jamali, Aali Qadar moula (tus) also gave sharaf of qadambosi to medical professionals.

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