AJSN Barnamaj Program Schedule

Why Fitness is Critical

A discussion about the benefits of fitness for a long and healthy life. The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are reviewed. The manifestations of poor fitness and health in younger and elder alike are presented.

Nutrition Game Show

A Game Show type presentation to review important nutritions facts, dispel common falsehoods, and review practical tips to implement into daily life.

Posture – a Therapist’s Perspective

Join our experienced physical therapists as they show the long term effects of healthy posture. They will also review the dangers of poor posture on body mechanics, and what long-term consequences it could lead to.

Practical Daily Tips

Join Muntasebeen as they review practical tips to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your busy everyday life. Little changes in our daily habits can have impactful long-term outcomes.

Fitness Brainstorm –
Ideas for a Better Tomorrow

Small groups will compete to apply what they learned to everyday situations. Using theoretical scenarios, groups will develop action plans to improve the lifestyle of fellow mumineen.

Boot Camp

Are you ready for the challenge?
Instructors will review an exercise program, test your form, and see how fit you really are.