UPDATE: Please note that original signup link for ER Clinic (#5) below was broken. Instead, email ashara1437medcamp@gmail.com with your desired shift for that clinic. Please use links below for all other clinics (#1-4).

Salam SBMAA members

The medical khidmat at houston ashara is divided into subspecialty care and acute/subacute care (walk in patients). The below links are for doctors to sign up to see walk in patients in clinics on specific days and time. PLEASE SIGN UP TILL 10/7 AS ON 10/8 WE WILL SEND THESE TO ALL THE PHYSICIANS COMING TO HOUSTON ASHARA

Below are the links that will take you to that certain clinic time. Please select and sign up for the clinic which would suit your schedule. This is on first come first serve basis.

1. Pre-Ashara Clinic


For clinic on 28th Zilhaj (11th October), 29th Zilhaj (12th October), 1st Moharram (13th October), there are morning and afternoon slots, and every shift is 4 hours.

2. Ashara Morning Clinic


This is morning clinic from 8AM to 9AM held during 2nd to 10th Moharram

3. Post-Waaz Clinic


This clinic will be during ashara post vaaz and jaman from 2:30 to 5:30 PM – this will be the most busiest time as majority mumineen will walk in with there problems (no afternoon clinic on ashara day)

4. Evening Clinic


This will be after magrib namaz during ashara, starting from 7:30PM to 9:00 PM

5. Emergency Clinic Shifts

https://erdoctor.youcanbook.me/ email ashara1437medcamp@gmail.com

These are 6 hour shifts (8AM to 2PM and vice versa) the 8AM to 2 PM person is required to stay close to medical camp during vaaz.

Please do sign up for more than one clinic and do as much khidmat as possible.

Medical Committee Houston Ashara