Salaam to all doctors, nurses, therapists, and medical professionals.

With the khushi and farman of Aliqadar Moula (TUS) and under the guidance of Shezada Taha bhaisaheb and Shezada Qusai Bhaisaheb, for medical upliftment of mumineen, Burhani Medical Idara began an immunization drive and healthy drinking water drive across India. Living in the USA, these are issues that we may take for granted for most of our lives. But in India, the reality is that children are still affected and die at high rates from vaccine preventable illness, like rotavirus, polio, pneumonia, and measles among other illness and causes.

Moulana’s (TUS) ehsaan and nazar reaches all of us, His children. He has graciously given raza to immunize mumineen children under 16 years old with the recommended vaccine schedule (shown below).

Currently across India, 17,647 mumin children have been registered for vaccination and are in need of some combination of vaccines to be administered. This registration is fluid and continues to rise. These vaccines will be provided FOR FREE!

Click here to view a sample BSHD Immunization Form.pdf (PDF)

Click here for the latest Vaccine Registration statistics

Tata Water Filtration System Araz to Ali Qadar Moula (TUS)
Shz Taha BS administers Rotovirus Vaccine to baby
A mumina girl being vaccinated
Vaccine Camp

In addition, doctors and medical staff performing these vaccine drives are working to ensure that all mumineen have healthy drinking water in their homes. Mumineen lacking clean water are supplied with a basic water filtration system.

As you can imagine, this is a MAJOR undertaking both physically and financially. Most of us in the USA are unable to travel to India and offer our khidmat with these medical camps. However, we are given the opportunity to participate and perform khidmat financially by providing funds to acquire all these vaccines.

Current vaccine budget is 3,725,000 INR = $56,439 USD. There are many other expenses including water filtration systems, supplies, etc that need to be funded as well.

OUR GOAL AT SBMAA IS FOR NORTH AMERICA (USA AND CANADA) TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR ALL VACCINES AT $56,000 USD. In order to meet this goal we are requesting a contribution unit of $1,100 USD, but you may contribute any amount. Let us meet that goal, Insha Allah, and araz to Ali Qadar Moula (TUS) our commitment to the upliftment and better health for mumineen around the world.

Vaccine administration has already begun. Please pose your commitment to your local SBMAA masool ASAP. If you have questions, please contact your local SBMAA masool or email Dr Mufadal Moosabhoy (

Checks should be made out to DAWAT-E-HADIYAH AMERICA (and are tax deductible). They can be given to your masool or mailed directly to Shk Aziz bhai Poonawalla (address: 23627 Candlewood Way, West Hills, CA 91307)

You can also contribute via Chase Quickpay, Google Wallet, and Paypal to Dr Mufadal Moosabhoy at
Funds donated electronically will NOT be tax deductible.

Please enter your commitment in this google spreadsheet so we can ensure it is received:

Was salaam,
SBMAA Board of Directors