Dear physicians and other healthcare professionals, Ashara 1438H are approaching fast. As you all know it is Moula Mufaddal’s (TUS) khushi and farmaan-e-aali that every mumin, mumina and farzand attend the 9 days of waaz and participate in Imam Hussain’s (SA) gham.

To that effect, We would encourage all healthcare professionals to plan in advance so that your schedules can be cleared up for one of the most important events in the year.

We write to you as physicians, who come from diverse practice models; from academia to private practice. In our experience, advance planning and notification can overcome most hurdles in taking time off from your practice. Kindly let your department chair or your administrator know about your religious commitment in advance. Speak to your colleagues now regarding call coverage and cross coverage. Let your hospital coordinator know if you take ER call for your specialty. Some sacrifices need to be made to remember Imam Hussain’s (SA) ultimate sacrifice. You may have to take call on Thanksgiving or work an extra weekend to pay back the favors but they are all worth the effort to do what is Moula’s khushi.

Medical students, residents and fellows must also plan in advance and inform their program directors in advance. There is every likelihood that you would be granted the leave to practice your faith. Arrange for call coverage with your co-residents and fellows.

Friends in private practice or even solo practice may be able to get cross coverage from other groups if negotiated in advance. Please use vacation days and sick days if need be to get time off. Ultimately, if you have to close your practice for a few days to devote yourself to what is most important then so be it. Allah is the guarantor of rizq and we are sure you will find the practice more successful when you return than when you left it.

Please plan now and do not wait till the last minute.

Finally, If you need a letter stating the religious event and the need to have time off, kindly contact your local jamaat office. We are also available to provide any supporting document or discuss specific situations and offer suggestions.

The famous adage, “If there is a will there is a way” is most appropriate here. Please make every effort to attend all 9 waaz on time this ashara, and if possible spend the ashara with Aqa Moula (TUS)

Khuda Taala Aqa Moula (TUS) ne qayaamat na din lag baqi aney baqi rakhjo. Ameen

Was salaam

Healthcare Professionals Ashara Ohbat Committee North America