On hearing the news this morning, we humbly performed Sajadat and Shukr. It is a great honor that our beloved Moula, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, has bestowed on all of us, the mumineen of the United States, announcing that the auspicious days of Ashara Mubaraka will be observed this year in Houston, Texas.   We can all only hope that we are all witnesses to Moula TUS’s Sajadat on the day of Ashura.

The Mumineen of Houston have been hard at work for months planning this event. Many of you have been recruited for various khidmats already. With the raza of Shehzada Malek-ul-Ashtar Bhaisaheb, the Ashara 1437 Medical Camp Committee was formed to oversee the operation of a full service multispecialty clinic to serve Mumineen during these 10 days. The goals of the medical camp are not only to provide acute medical care to Mumineen in need, but also to screen for diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer, to provide educational services on various disease processes, and to ensure that Mumineen attending Ashara this year in Houston have access to the best medical and dental care that the US can offer.

Over the next several weeks, we will be organizing teams of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and ancillary volunteers to staff this clinic. We plan to have rapid response teams on call for any and all medical emergencies which may arise. We will have a concomitant urgent care facility within the clinic. There will be an area within the clinic for specialists to provide consultations to Mumineen. We will also be organizing a full service dental clinic this year. Importantly, there will be a disease screening clinic where we will offer diabetes and cholesterol screening, lab work, and breast cancer screenings. If specialists are willing, we will also set up some educational seminars centered around various topics pertinent directly to Mumineen and their health and well-being.

All of this requires staffing and volunteers. In conjunction with SBMAA, we would like to put out a general call for volunteers to staff these teams for Houston Ashara 1437. We would humbly ask that you sign up for the medical camp khidmat through HoustonAshara.com. Also, please leave a comment on this post to let us know what specific areas you would be willing to serve in during these days. Please post your area of medical expertise, your arrival date to Houston, and any other comments, questions, or ideas. We will make specific assignments for everyone involved. We pray that all of us work together to show the world how American physicians continue to be leaders in the medical community, providing a high standard of care, in humble service to our fellow Mumineen. Let us all work together to attain the Khushi Mubarak of our beloved Mufaddal Moula, TUS.

abeede Syedna TUS
Ashara Medical Committee
Shk Dr. Khozema Palanpurwala
Shk Dr. Shabbir Jamali
Shk Dr. Aliasgar Mogri
Shk Dr. Hujefa Bharmal

45 replies on “Bushra! Ashara 1437 Medical Camp Registration”

  1. Mabruk! Mabruk!!

    Dr. Aziz Sk Moiz Merchant- Homeopathic Physician
    Dr. Fatema M. Aziz Merchant (Unwala)- Family Physician
    Houston arr: 12 Oct.

  2. Mubarak everyone!

    Zainab Adeeb – primarily in research but have medical assistant experience
    Houston arrival – 9 Oct.

  3. Salaams. I am a adult Hematologist-Medical Oncologist and will be arriving in Houston on 10th October. Will be glad to participate in khidmat both in the camp and in educational seminars if needed.


  4. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar
    Internal Medicine, also some orthopedic training
    Arrival October 13, insha-Allah

  5. Salaams and mubarak
    Dr Mustafa Nomani from Chicago
    Speciality cardio guy
    Dr Alafia Nomani. Internal medicine and women’s health
    We would like to do khidmat at the camp

  6. Salman Fidahussein – pulmonary and critical care
    Inshallah, would like to do khidmat
    Arriving day 1

  7. Salaam,
    Mubarak thai sagla ne.

    Alefiyah Bharmal, PsyD– psychology and neuropsychology consult for peds and adults
    Arriving October 9

  8. Salaam
    I am a medical technologist and can perform venipunctures and can perform testing .

    Would love to do khidmat in the medical camp .
    Will inshallah be in Houston on Oct 10 .

  9. Asalamoaleikum!
    Houston Ashara Mubarak to all.
    Look forwards to helping out at the medical camp.
    Arriving October 10th 2015.

  10. Ashara Mubarak to All ,

    Arriving to Houston on 13 of October 2015.
    Looking forward to do Khidmat in medical camp.


  11. Huzefa Ghadiali
    Rapid Response Team Physician
    Urgent Care Clinic/Emergency Care
    Critical Care Medicine

    Arriving October 11th
    Cell: 630-310-1495


  12. Arwa Bhinderwala
    Internal Medicine, Houston,TX.
    Hope to do khidmat during Ashara mubaraka inshallah.

  13. Rashida Y Cassubhai PT ,GCFP
    ( Ortho, Neuro, Vestibular,pediatrics/ Early Intervention)
    Inshallah ,reaching 09/14/15

  14. Insha-Allah arriving October 10th
    Dr. Aamer Jamali, cardiology, internal medicine
    Dr. Sakina Jamali, optometry

  15. Dr Arefa Bawangoanwala – Family Doctor
    M.B.B.S, M.D, C.C.F.P
    Lecturer University of Toronto- Department of Family and Community Medicine

    It would be my pleasure to be a part of the medical camp for Ashara Mubarak in Houston.

    Date of Arrival- 2015/10/17-Date of Departure- 2015-10-25

  16. Ultrasound khidmat if available. Would love to do breast ultrasounds if needed. Available for any medical khidmat. Arriving 10/13 inshallah

  17. Dr.Sakeenah Gandhi, Family Doctor from Mississauga , Canada
    Arriving on 12 October
    Great plan to conduct screening and preventive clinics during Ashara.

  18. My name is Rashida H Nagpurwala,
    I like to do Khidmat in medical camp.
    I am medical technologist.

  19. Mubarak!
    Asma Gulamhusein, MPH – Specialized in perinatal epidemiology, disease prevention and large scale data analysis. Would like to do khidmat in the medical camp, in any way possible in Houston.
    I am arriving October 10th and leaving on October 29th. Inshallah.

  20. Munira Lokhandwala, DDS
    General Dentist
    San Francisco(Fremont) CA
    Arriving Oct.12th

  21. Sakina kakasweet Pharm.D
    From Houston
    Can help with counseling, shots , diabetic screening etc.

  22. Alefiya Al-Qamari MD
    Internal Medicine.
    Willing to help in any capacity – preventive health, organizing workshops, educational seminars etc.
    Arrival Oct 9th.

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